X-Mist and Electrostatic On-Site Sanitising

Reassurance Where it Matters Most

So little is known about Covid-19 but this doesn’t mean you can’t take every available step to protect those around you from airborne and surface pathogens using X-Mist and Electrostatic Sanitising.

X-mist fog disinfection

Because SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes Covid-19 – can potentially survive in the air for hours and on surfaces for up to 72 hours plus, Global Dental is now equipped to supply on-site air and surface deep cleaning to help reassure users of a room or building. Put simply: regular surface deep cleaning using the latest technology can tackle pathogens at a time when colleagues and clients want to see every possible step taken for their safety.

Our two-step ‘surface’ sanitising service

X-Mist Electrostatic Sanitising

Electrostatic sanitising technology can be applied to address risks of contamination, HAI’s (hospital - acquired infections) and biosecurity breaches in healthcare settings as an electric charge in the spray used allows better contact and coverage on a surface for improved microbial kill.

Instead of simply moving bacteria from one surface to another – as per ‘spray and wipe’ methods – risk of cross-contamination is reduced and the comprehensive electrostatic wrapping effect harnessed for broad, safe use.

electrostatic disinfection


X-Mist is self administering to apply every 3-4 days to key clinical areas to maximise sanitisation.

X-Mist is product tested to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650 – delivers disinfectant to areas including door handles, phones and switches that might otherwise be overlooked or out of reach.


Because effective surface disinfection may help to ensure an early containment and prevention of further viral spread (Journal of the Healthcare Infection Society, ECDC Technical Report).

X-Mist contains the government-stated recommended level of Ethanol to effectively reduce coronavirus infectivity as well as kill 99.9999% of germs and viruses plus remains active for up to 7 days on most surfaces.

X-mist fog disinfection

Our On-Site Surgery Sanitising Means

Access to two powerful technologies already used across multiple sectors due to their outstanding effectiveness.
On-site deployment by a specialist Global Dental engineer provided with full PPE to remove any risk of outside contamination. A practical, proactive and reassuring step for practices managing their Coronavirus practice planning

Enquire for pricing and preferential booking (including multiple practice discounts) while availability lasts.
We'll respond within four hours.

Grade Masks

KN95 Facemasks


disposable 3-ply medical dace masks - ppe


Disposable PPE Visors


Sanitiser station wall mounted

Acrylic Transparent Protection Screens

Global Dental Service Update - Full Availability

We stand with our clients: Whilst we have made alterations to our working systems all our services supporting UK dentists will continue without any major disruption. We’ll work to keep everyone safe: We’ll continually assess how we are interacting with clients for maximum safety. Our online shop is being reviewed and will be kept updated.

We’re here, as always: When we’re working from home we’ll still be working for our clients. Should our office phone go to answerphone please leave us a message or email us. Alternatively our online platforms, including live chat from our homepage, will still be available.

Global Dental – How We’re Helping UK Dentists

While our on-site sanitising works for any sector, it’s part of a package of support we’ve introduced for the UK dental sector to help keep patients and staff safe.

- Free WhatsApp and Zoom support for all dentists covering any equipment issues or questions.
- Ongoing, practical information and guides for dentists to help address the challenges facing practices and the dental industry.
- Continual release of new hygiene and protective products/ services as they are introduced (with first access given to Urgent Care Centres)
- Design development: We’re here to discuss future expansion plans to help clients use shutdown time to plan ahead.

See our social channels, website news section and online shop for updates as they are released.

Why are we doing this?

We’re proud to have played a part in helping some of the UK’s most successful dental businesses to grow. That’s why we’re proud to work hard to keep dental practices face the challenges of the ongoing outbreak.


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