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Recent studies by Shiga University of Medical Science and Sunstar have shown a clear link between obesity and poor oral health, with patients with a higher BMI at far greater risk of tooth loss.

With 63% of UK adults considered overweight or obese, the need for early dental visits and fast treatment of obesity-related diseases and tooth decay is imperative.

As more patients seek urgent dental care for obesity-related issues, dentists are having to check their dental chair weight limits to ensure that appropriate treatment can be given without compromising the safety of the equipment.

Exceeding the dental chair weight limit can result in the chair breaking down and getting stuck in a position from which the patient cannot leave. This is both costly and time-wasting for dentists and therefore it’s always best to check weight limits of your equipment before treatment commences to avoid these situations.

To help dentists know the weight limit of their dental chair, we’ve compiled a list of the data for key dental chair brands and their dental chair weight limits.

Make & Model kg st lb
Belmont Voyager I / II / III 135kg 21st 3.6lb
Belmont tbCompass 135kg 21st 3.6lb
Belmont Cleo II 135kg 21st 3.6lb
Belmont Eurus S1 200kg 31st 6.9lb
Belmont Eurus S6 165kg 25st 13.8lb
Belmont Eurus Swivel 165kg 25st 13.8lb
A-dec 500 227kg 35st 10.4lb
A-dec 400 181kg 28st 7lb
A-dec 300 181kg 28st 7lb
A-dec 200 181kg 28st 7lb
A-dec Cascade 1040 135kg 21st 3.6lb
A-dec Decade 1011 / 1021 135kg 21st 3.6lb
A-dec Decade Plus 181kg 28st 7lb
A-dec Performer 182kg 28st 9.2lb
KaVo uniQa 185kg 29st 1.9lb
KaVo Estetica E70/E80 Vision 179kg 28st 3lb
KaVo Estetica E50 135kg 21st 3.6lb
KaVo Estetica E50 Life 179kg 28st 3lb
KaVo Primus 1058 Life 185kg 29st 1.9lb
KaVo Estetica E30 180kg 28st 4.8lb
KaVo Estetica Comfort 1065 135kg 21st 3.6lb
KaVo Globus 1078 S 135kg 21st 3.6lb
KaVo Systematica 1060 135kg 21st 3.6lb
KaVo Systematica 1062 135kg 21st 3.6lb
KaVo Promatic 1057 135kg 21st 3.6lb
KaVo Estetica Sensus 1066 135kg 21st 3.6lb
KaVo Estetica Standard 1063 135kg 21st 3.6lb
Planmeca Compact i5 185kg 29st 1.9lb
Planmeca Compact iClassic 185kg 29st 1.9lb
Planmeca Compact i3 185kg 29st 1.9lb
Planmeca Pro50 185kg 29st 1.9lb
Ancar Sd-150 160kg 25st 2.7lb
Ancar Sd-175 160kg 25st 2.7lb
Ancar Sd-60 160kg 25st 2.7lb
Ancar 3000 160kg 25st 2.7lb
Ancar S3 160kg 25st 2.7lb
Ancar S5 160kg 25st 2.7lb

*All data provided is correct to the best of our knowledge. Global Dental takes no responsibility for damage caused to your equipment as a result of exceeding the manufacturer’s weight limit. Please confirm with the manufacturer for their most recent weight limit information.

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