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We’ve seen the positive impact great design can have on a dental practice countless times. After all, making this happen for dentists is our passion and speciality!

But what do the practical benefits of a custom-designed practice look like? And how do they change the client and colleague experience?

We’ve prepared an overview of the main benefits you can expect following the launch of a specialist refurbishment or new practice fit-out.

Questions? Just ask a Global Dental Practice Growth Consultant. We’re here to help.

Read on to discover positive impacts we think every dentist should see PLUS a common error you’ll want to avoid.

How Important is the Design of a Dental Practice?

It may be a cliché but an age-old truism is very, very apt here: you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Great dental practice design will cause patients – not to mention potential patients – to draw their own conclusions about the:

• Care they can expect to receive
• Standards of comfort, relaxation and reassurance during a visit
• Values of the practice in terms of modern-thinking vs traditional approach
• Attention to detail ethos of the practice

  • Innovation likely in use by way of dental equipment and technologyWe’ve often recommended that dentists think about where their patients are at their most relaxed when commissioning their dental practice design. This might be in a premium hotel or spa or similar.

Generally, being inspired by these kinds of environments while reducing the ‘medical’ feel of a practice through choice of lighting, colours, décor, finishes and fabric will help create more comfortable visits and a greater likelihood of a return visit.

The images in this blog, from our 3 Step Smiles project, demonstrate how all these factors can be combined to create a ‘wow’ factor around a dental practice.

Tip: Remember that decisions made about the layout and efficiency of a dental practice design will impact how patients and colleagues flow in a practice for years to come. We’ve seen issues created for dentists by a non-dental architect’s design later causing a conflict with dental equipment use or compliance issues around considerations such as radiation regulations. Always seek help from a specialist, established dental practice design expert.

What Are The Benefits of Innovative Dental Technology?

An ambitious approach to technology when dental practice fitout is being planned can potentially transform a practice both in the current time and well into the future.

That’s because a well-designed practice should allow for future developments in terms of new technology, a consideration we design into client’s projects on their behalf.

It’s particularly exciting to see technological advancements such as, for example, digital x-ray delivering better clinical diagnosis, more detailed treatment plans and improved visual communication with patients.

Meanwhile, CBCT is playing a pivotal role in aligner and implant workflows.

Even at the concept stage of a dental practice fit-out, it’s vital to leave the capacity to respond to and leverage developments in these areas of dentistry and many others besides.

Tip: Again, it’s vital to work with dental sector professionals who understand the direction of the industry as well as the infrastructure needed to give a practice the flexibility to respond as dental technology evolves in the years to come.

How Should Designing a Dental Practice Be Approached?

While the ethos behind great dental practice design is powerfully straightforward (it simply uses the goals of improved comfort and efficiency through specialist design, technology and equipment know-how) specialist dental design will make sure these elements have been designed specifically for a particular practice with a latest dental sector knowledge at the heart of the project.

We often use the following simple and useful approach when tackling any projects.

  • Big picture factors to consider: Eg branding, patient demographics including age, compliance, budget, expected patient flow.
  • Small picture factors to consider: Eg attention to detail, lighting, décor, fabric, placement of marketing materials and displays/screens, location of reception and waiting rooms relative to dental surgery.

As a concept to launch service, we often help clients to focus on the strategic decisions then make sure the ‘small picture’ elements are right for their practice.

Tip: A recurring theme in this blog? Ensuring the decisions you make today won’t negatively impact the flexibility to make important upgrades, changes or expansion plans in the future. Working with a Global Dental practice growth specialist will make sure these considerations are designed into your decisions.

What Should Be Included When Planning a Dental Clinic?

We’ve previously identified five essential questions to ask yourself when planning a new practice. They focus on finding the right location for a new clinic.

To set a simple but effective structure around the process of turning an initial idea into a firm location and plan, think:

  • Demographics: It’s important that you ensure there are plenty of your target clients in the immediate and surrounding areas to the property. Studying the population in the area by finding out the average age, average spending rate and median income will allow you to build up a clear picture of who might use your services now and in the future.
  • Physical location: Instead of thinking about the actual bricks and mortar, first work out where your target population live, shop, travel and work, and use this as your starting point.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring that the proposed dental practice location is accessible for both your target clients and your staff is key, considering ‘how’ those potential clients move around the area is an essential consideration.
  • Growth: It’s important to consider whether the location you’re looking at allows for future expansion of the practice. This might include looking at locations where you only refurbish one floor initially, or a location where there is space and scope to extend.
  • Competition: Analysing the current dental provision in the immediate area of a proposed dental practice location can give you a clear picture on how successful your practice is likely to be.

Time spent developing a deep understanding of an area and its population will be an investment in the present day and future success of a practice.

Tip: To discover must-see practice planning advice see our Picking a Squat Dental Practice blog for expert insights.

Creating Your Dream Dental Practice: Where to Find Help

Global Dental’s work is powerfully simple: helping ambitious dentists make their dream practice a reality, by easily ‘making it happen’ so the dentist client can concentrate on running their practice.

This specialist support includes initial consultations, complete refurbishment project management and ongoing support including consumables and equipment supply/ maintenance.

Because our expertise is a ‘concept to launch’ service, it’s never too early to get in touch.

Questions? Simply contact us to find out more.

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