Ventilation and Aerosol Management

Solving the Challenging Problem of Aerosols
Generated from Dental Procedures

Managing ventilation and airflow in treatment rooms, consultation rooms and waiting rooms doesn’t just mean reassurance for colleagues and patients. A positive impact on fallow times equates to a vastly increased flow of patients, reducing the financial impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

Click below to find out how an improved fallow time can create a more efficient practice in response to government guidelines.

Calculate my lost fallow time
Fallow Period Calculator

Calculate the time your surgery is losing over the course of a typical working week due to government fallow period guidelines, and the benefits of installation of a fresh air ventilation system on these results.

Please Note – This form is an estimate and our algorithym makes some assumptions based on the information provided. Calculations assume an average time of 40 minutes per AGP. Contact us to discuss your partucular requirements and expected benefit.

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Ventilation and Aerosol Management Importance

Why Fresh Air Ventilation Matters

“If you’ve ever experienced a office or even house which boasts the benefit of a fresh air ventilation system, you will be on the way to understanding the benefits of fresh air. The rooms are airier and less stuffy, smells are removed, and the heat is distributed so much more evenly. Should the system have a mechanical heat recovery unit included there is the additional benefit of a smaller carbon footprint and of course reduced heating bills. Whilst heavy in capital investment a proper fresh air ventilation system is really a thorough win win situation.”

“We understand that a full FAV system is both costly and invasive to install, so below we have pulled together a very good temporary system as well as more permanent installations.”

“Most importantly if you can demonstrate a “negative” air pressure in a treatment room, the fallow period reduces from 1 hour to 20 minutes. A large increase on patient contact time and ultimately funds.”

– Ryan Devenish, Global Dental

Temporary Ventilation System: Raptor Ventilation

The Dustex Raptor is a portable HEPA filtration unit, that can be configured to either force in clean air, or extract out contaminated air.

Delivering up to 1000 m3/h of clean air, this unit is powerful enough to create a negative or positive pressure environment.

What is Negative Pressure: Air from an area creates lower pressure (weight) of air in that area. This means that air can flow into the room but cannot escape unless it is extracted. Air is forced into an area faster than it can leave. This increases the pressure (weight) of air inside the room, meaning that unfiltered air cannot enter the room.

What is Positive Pressure: Air is forced into an area faster than it can leave. This increases the pressure (weight) of air inside the room, meaning that unfiltered air cannot enter the room.

  • Force clean air in, purge contaminated air out
  • Ideal for treatment rooms
  • Ideal for consultation rooms
  • Ideal for reception areas and waiting rooms
  • Ideal for clinics, surgeries and dental practices
Raptor - Dental Ventilation and Aerosol Management

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or for more information on Temporary Ventilation Systems

Permanent Solutions

“Permanent solutions are obviously the best and most future proof way forward as they can be subtle and effective, ensuring a minimum of disruption to the practice. There are many options – from elegant designer grilles to clever disguising of duct work and units – call us today to discuss the most aesthetic and cost-effective solution for your practice.”

“We’ll work with you to shape your ideal FAV system.”

– Ryan Devenish, Global Dental

Get in touch to discuss our bespoke permanent
ventilation and aerosol management solutions

High Volume Suction

Why not utilize a very basic solution first: the high volume suction system you have installed at your chair side already. Global Dental can carry out a full examination of your in-house high volume suction situation.

Some of the key things to look out for at the moment are:

  • At least 250 litres of air a minute, ideally more than 300.
  • Where is the unit venting to? Outside..or into the surgery…is it filtered?
  • What aspirator tip are you using to maximise the collection of aerosols?
High volume suction system - dental ventilation and aerosol management
Extra Oral Suction

The DentalEX unit is designed for capturing and filtering aerosols from dental processes including viruses, such as Covid 19.

Viruses travel attached to moisture particles produced when talking and

That why the DentalEX is fitted with H14 HEPA filters: H14 HEPA is proven to filter 99.997% of particles below 0.3 microns.

  • HEPA Filters well exceed the 95% of filtration that N95 masks can provide.
  • In fact, HEPA filters match the FFP3/N100 level of filtration.
  • Using the extraction arm allows contaminants to be captured at source, reducing the opportunity for other instruments and people becoming infected.
Oral Suction
Air Purifiers

The British Orthodontic Society has stated: “The evidence behind the use of HEPA filters in a healthcare setting is inconclusive, but it is thought to help prevent infection in a hospital setting where they are employed in theatres and isolation rooms.

“It has been hypothesised that air filtration could be employed to reduce the severity and spread of COVID-1915 . There is no evidence to support or refute their use to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in a dental setting. As such, they may play a role in the decontamination of Clinical and non-Clinical areas during the current pandemic.”

  • Call us for advice about the right unit for the size and usage of a room
  • Free, expert, one to one information for UK dentists is always available to assist with practice reopening
  • Ask for help with factoring in the vert latest guidelines and technology
Vira Air Dental Ventilation
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Suction Products:

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Dentex Extraoral suction machine & air purifiers

Ventilation Product Range
  • Dürr Dental exhaust air bacteria filter

  • Dürr Dental exhaust air bacteria filter with mounting bracket and accessories

  • Belmont B900 DUWL Periodic Shock & Test Treatment

  • Belmont B700 DUWL Daily Maintenance


Global Dental – How We’re Helping UK Dentists

While our on-site sanitising works for any sector, it’s part of a package of support we’ve introduced for the UK dental sector to help keep patients and staff safe.

- Free WhatsApp and Zoom support for all dentists covering any equipment issues or questions.
- Ongoing, practical information and guides for dentists to help address the challenges facing practices and the dental industry.
- Continual release of new hygiene and protective products/ services as they are introduced (with first access given to Urgent Care Centres)
- Design development: We’re here to discuss future expansion plans to help clients use shutdown time to plan ahead.

See our social channels, website news section and online shop for updates as they are released.

Why are we doing this?

We’re proud to have played a part in helping some of the UK’s most successful dental businesses to grow. That’s why we’re proud to work hard to keep dental practices face the challenges of the ongoing outbreak.


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