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It’s no secret that we passionately believe in superb dental surgery design (after all, we’ve devoted our working lives to setting new standards and trends!) but why do we always tell our clients that pioneering design can have a transformational impact on a practice?

Let’s take a closer look, with the help of Global Dental’s in-house Architectural Designer Stephanie Yates, at the essential benefits of exceptional dental design for your practice.

After all, the advantages of premium, bespoke design can have a number of positive impacts on patients, colleagues and of course the practice itself. Read on to discover how…

Introducing: Practice Designer Stephanie Yates

Our practice design specialist Stephanie Yates has almost 20 years of knowledge gained across projects including commercial, healthcare and education projects.

She explained, however, that small projects in private homes have been some of the most satisfying builds to create and oversee: “Residential extensions have such a big impact on people’s lives and, most of all, every minute spent on the nitty gritty makes a real difference.

“It’s about making something really special and seeing that transformation.”

This theme of attention to detail and completely changing how a space looks, feels and works is at the heart of Stephanie’s mission for clients at Global Dental.

“We’re challenging what a dental practice can be. There’s so much scope to continue to turn things on their head simply by making environments designed to both reflect the professionalism of the dental industry and do so in a calming and interesting way.

“After all, clinical performance doesn’t have to look clinical in the traditional way.”

Stephanie set out her belief that design should improve a practice in multiple ways – not just visually – by adding that exceptional dental design can, and should, be very much “fed by the need of the function” with innovation and new solutions built on this foundation.

The Benefits of Premium Dental Design

The Global Dental in-house practice designer, who holds both a BA (Hons) and a postgraduate degree, pointed out that extremely well-considered design in a dental practice “can have a big impact on how patients and colleagues connect with the environment”.

While we often summarise this as ‘a reassuring environment for patients, a place where colleagues can do their best work’ when speaking to clients, there are many advantages to this unapologetically uncompromising approach to dental design.

Stephanie’s work creates:

  • A calm and supportive experience for visitors, created using light, colour, scale and texture, means a reduction in nervous patients.
  • A cleaner, brighter design with attention paid to efficiency, ergonomic considerations and intelligent flow of people within the building creates a healthier, better environment for colleagues.
  • Quality design will have factors such as sustainability as well as inclusion and accessibility for patients designed-in as standard.
  • A design reflecting the professionalism of a practice will enhance how a patient sees the practice itself as an trustworthy, expert operation.

Tip: look to the places, like a high-end spa or favourite hotel, where your patients feel at their best and consider how the layout, décor and overall experience supports visitor satisfaction, efficient working and boosts the guest’s perception of the organisation itself.

Working With a Bespoke Practice Designer

Stephanie, who counts the work of architects Tadao Ando (shown) and Richard Murphy among her inspirations, outlined how the process of working with a designer on a dental project should work.

Your dream
“Having a designer from the very start is very important as they will listen to your ideas for your dream practice then combine this with deep-dive questions around things like inspiration, existing problems, how the practice needs to work each day in detail and what the ‘perfect package’ would look like to start to draw up a images.”

The designer’s vision
“Creating the vision means starting to look at light, colour, finishes and much more through impactful drawings and 3D modelling to bring your dream to life.”

Technical know-how
“A designer will also be involved in overlapping this stage with the need for formal drawings featuring technical layout such as electrical details.”

Stephanie, who recommends that sustainable design should be at the heart of a practice refurbishment, delivers this for Global Dental clients by examining factors like materials, energy, sourcing, processes and lifecycle.

To find out how premium, bespoke dental design can transform your practice simply contact us for an initial consultation.

Why Global Dental?

We’ve been trusted by ambitious UK dental companies for advice, design, equipment and maintenance for over 20 years.

Our speciality is powerfully simple: a personal, complete service from initial plans to on-site work and beyond.

This includes:

Initial consultations
Practice planning including a consultation with practice growth specialist Ryan Devenish and design work by Architectural Designer Stephanie Yates.

Complete project management
Including building control etc support, management of contractors on-site, equipment sourcing and fitting plus dental industry certifications.

A partner for success:
Global Dental clients can rely on our team for ongoing equipment and consumables, rapid-response repairs and routine maintenance.

Questions? Simply contact us to find out more or discuss your plans. We’re here to help.

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