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Temporarily closing down your practice due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak raises one of many challenges current facing dentists: how to safely shut down valuable equipment.

Our brief checklist below covers some essentials.


To support the UK dental industry during this crisis we can also provide a free engineer phone consultation to help protect your equipment and make this difficult period at least a little easier.

Simply email Practice Support Consultant Francesca Davey to request engineer support at no charge.


Equipment Shutdown Checklist –


Turn off and drain if required


  • Follow manufacturer instructions for correct cleaning fluids to use
  • Use the correct flushing container for your cleaning fluid
  • Flush system with fresh water
  • Flush system with cleaning fluid
  • Let system run dry for two minutes
  • Switch off system


  • Clean exterior as normal
  • Follow own in-house procedure for cleaning Dental Unit Water Lines
  • Flush the Dental Unit Water Lines with preferred water additive
  • Run the Dental Unit Water Lines dry if required
  • Remove and dry the water bottles


Switch off and cover if required


  • Wipe out the chamber
  • Clean any filters in the chamber
  • Drain the clean and used water tanks
  • Wipe door seal and leave door open


Questions? Help is Available

Global Dental’s industry specialists, who specialise in dental equipment and environments, will be happy to help all UK dental practices with advice, answers and guidance during the Coronavirus outbreak

Keeping your practice compliant, in good working order and prepared for the inevitable post-virus spike in demand can be a positive activity for an entire team during this challenging time.

For complimentary advice simply contact the Global Dental team.

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