W&H Lara Sterilizer

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As unique as your practice The standard versions of the new Lara sterilizers already offer the fastest sterilization cycle in their class – including standard documentation. An additional, newly developed upgrade system offers even more speed and Extended documentation if you so wish – and ensures you are optimally equipped even if your requirements change.

New Lara Sterilizers
Ready for the future

Incredible outside
You don’t need to be a lover of design to appreciate the new Lara sterilizers. Their smooth surfaces are comfortable to the touch, the instruments are easy to load and the flat colour screen displays allow you to navigate through the intelligent menu structure quickly and with ease.

Incredible inside
Discover the new W&H Lara sterilizers down to the smallest detail. So many components, perfectly arranged to offer you complete satisfaction by simplifying the sterilization process while providing you with comprehensive documentation. Unique upgradeability allows you to customise your new Lara sterilizer with your personal needs and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Incredible because

  • Fastest B cycle in its segment
  • Unique upgradeability thanks to Activation Codes
  • Colour touch display for easy navigation
  • Automatic cycle record via high capacity USB stick
  • Optional high end label and cycle report printer
  • Ergonomics and functional design
  • Ideal dimensions to integrate and operate
  • New environmentally friendly packaging
    The new environmentally friendly packaging is completely reusable and recyclable. Plastic components were reduced to a minimum. For 99% of its weight, the new package is made of cardboard and other fully biodegradable substances.


Available with chamber size of either 17 litre or 22 litre.

Supplied with reversible rack, 3 aluminium trays, drain tube, tray holder, 8 GB USB drive, door opening tool, factory test.

24 months’ warranty.

W&H service plans are also available – Premium Care and Premium Careplus.

  • Lara sterilization cycles

    Sterilization cycle B-Universal 134 B-Prion 134 B-Universal 121 S FAST 134 (optional)
    Temperature: 134 °C 134 °C 121 °C 134 °C
    Holding time (minutes): 4 18.5 20.5 3.5
    Total cycle duration
    (minutes) including
    complete drying:
    Lara 17
    Automatic from
    25 to 51
    Automatic from
    40 to 65
    52 41 to 73 20 to 22
    Lara 22
    Automatic from
    28 to 55
    Automatic from
    40 to 68
    54 42 to 76 20 to 22
    Lara 17 loads:
    Lara 22 loads:
    maximum solid 4.5 kg/typical 2 kg/maximum porous 1.5 kg
    maximum solid 5.5 kg/typical 2 kg/maximum porous 2 kg
    max. unwrapped 2 kg
    max. unwrapped 2 kg
    Lara 17/22 containers load: maximum 9 kg maximum 9 kg
    Test cycles: Helix/Bowie Dick/Vacuum test

    Items supplied with: reversible rack, 3 aluminium trays, drain tube, tray holder, 8 GB USB drive, door opening tool, factory test


    Lara 17 Lara 22
    Type: RIL-117 RIL-122
    Chamber size: 17 l 22 l
    Power supply: 200–240 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 10 A
    Power consumption: 2.0–2.4 kW
    Overall dimension
    (width x height x depth):
    465 x 452 x 646 mm
    Weight: 42.5 kg 44 kg
    Main / Used water tanks: 4.8/4.8 l
    Working range: 7 to 15 cycles
    Usable space in chamber
    (width x height x depth)¹:
    195 x 195 x 312 mm 195 x 195 x 400 mm
    Connection types: 2 USB ports (5 as option), integrated automatic water filling valve


    (1) Usable space is referred to standard rack configuration.


    Lara sterilizers were designed, certified and validated with the most stringent directives and standards:
    93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive IEC 61326-1 Electromagnetic compatibility
    2014/68/EU Pressure equipment Directive IEC 61010-1 Safety requirements sterilizer
    EN 13060 Small steam sterilizer IEC 61010-2-040 Specific requirements for steam sterilizer
    IEC 61770 Electric appliances connected to the water mains

    The sterilizer can be validated according to EN ISO 17665-1