Pro-Tip Turbo disposable syringe tips – 250 Pk


Pro-Tip Turbo | disposable syringe tips – bag of 250

Many dental procedures require instant, clean, dry air. Pro-Tip Turbo are the innovative industry leaders in syringe tips, and each tip has a unique 2-chamber system to separate air from water. This guarantees instant dry air when and where you need it. Pro-Tip Turbo also produces a perfect mist every time.

The Double Chamber Design Keeps Water And Air Separate…Guaranteed!

Does not include: syringe/tip adaptor


A leading dentist quotes to the ProTip manufacturer: The inability to pre-clean the inside of traditional metal syringe tips, coupled with the unpredictable nature of steam penetration through fine lumens, means that effective sterilisation of such tips cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the use of a disposable syringe tip to cut cross-infection risk is to be strongly encouraged.