Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Bulk 5L

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> Contains Emollients
> Fully Biodegradable
> Residual Action
> Alcoholic
> minimum 65% alcohol content

Safety Data Sheet – Hand gel

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Bulk 5L

Alcohol Hand Gel – Hygiene Sanitiser – Suitable for Dispenser Refill

Alcohol Hand Gel has been specially formulated to provide a powerful, fast-drying hand hygiene sanitiser for the catering, food handling, and packaging trades, without the problems of dry skin often associated with products of this type and where frequent hand cleansing is a necessity.

Hand hygiene sanitiser is also ideal for use in Hospitals, Dentistry, Clinics, First Aid Stations, the Ambulance Service, Vets, and Kennels where workers may come into contact with germs and where cross infections must be prevented. In industry, those involved in handling soiled materials, plumbers, sewage treatment, farmers etc, cam also use Solo before meals and at the end of the day to ensure germs cannot be spread.

Hand hygiene sanitiser will instantly kill a wide range of pathogens, and will also provide a residual action against these and other organisms for up to two hours. Alcohol Hand Hygiene Santiser contains skin-compatible emollients to prevent skin dryness, just apply after each hand washing and allow to dry.

Pump not included. Please contact for availability of pumps if required.