Surely one of the most renowned streets in the UK for its top level healthcare organisations, Harley Street has a prestigious ring to it which is irresistible to highly qualified medical professionals or, in Ravi Gehlot’s case, experienced entrepreneurs.

Harley Dentist was designed and created by Global Dental under the instruction of Mr Gehlot in 2016, primarily for the cosmetic dental industry, resulting in a stunning private practice for this teeth whitening clinic at number 131 Harley Street.

Highly advanced equipment installed in the two surgeries such as the Heka treatment centres combine the latest technologies with style and patient comfort, whilst the clean lines of handleless bespoke cabinetry with Corian worktops maintains the luxury feel.

Mocom Autoclave
Faro Maia Lamp
MGF Mini Box Compressor
Belmont Phot-X II Wall Mounted X-Ray
Heka UnicLine S Treatment Centre with Faro Maia Lamp