Treatment Centres

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A flagship part of our dental equipment ranges, browse our collection of UK approved dental chairs and treatment centres. From bestselling brands such as Belmont, Ancar & Heka, you can choose the best dental chair with the right tools for the job.

If you need any advice from our friendly team or simply have a question about one of our dental treatment centres, please call us on 0151 541 0994.

  • Ancar SD-175 Treatment Centre

  • Ancar SD-350 Treatment Centre

  • Ancar SD-575 Treatment Centre

  • Ancar SD-60 Orthodontic Treatment Centre

  • Ancar SD-715 Treatment Centre

  • Ancar-3200HB Treatment Centre

  • Belmont B100 Chair Upholstery Cleaning & Care (500ml)

  • Belmont B300 Surface Disinfector (1 litre)

  • Belmont B500 DUWL Intro Kit

  • Belmont B700 DUWL Daily Maintenance

  • Belmont B900 DUWL Periodic Shock & Test Treatment

  • Belmont Cleo II Treatment Centre

  • Belmont Eurus S1 Treatment Centre

  • Belmont tbCompass Treatment Centre

  • Belmont Voyager III Treatment Centre

  • Heka UnicLine S Treatment Centre