Dental Suction Pumps

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Dental suction pumps are an essential part of any surgery environment and see regular use throughout their lifespan. Considering how much they are utilised on a day-to-day basis, it’s essential that your suction pump is durable and built to last.

Global Dental’s range of dental suction pumps is exclusively selected from leading brands in the dental equipment sector like Durr and Cattani, ensuring that regardless of your needs, you can find a pump that suits your budget without compromising on quality.

Our variety of dental suction pump options is capable of adapting to your requirements. Whether you need a pump that caters to a single surgery and fits into a small tight space or prefer a multi-surgery solution that can address the needs of your entire clinic, we have a product that can help. Complete with noise level specifications and a range of different warranty lengths up to three years, you can rest assured that your suction pump is built to last.

With over 20 years’ experience in refurbishing dental surgeries and supplying equipment to clinics across the UK, the Global Dental team are experienced in not only the specification of dental equipment but installation and maintenance, too.

Boasting an expert team of engineers, we can cover your equipment breakdowns within nine hours. We are always available to provide help and guidance, so if you need any advice or have a question about our dental suction pumps, please feel free to call our knowledgeable team today on 0151 541 0994.

  • Cattani Aspi-Jet 6 Mobile Aspirator

  • Cattani Aspi-Jet 7 Mobile Aspirator

  • Cattani Aspi-Jet 8 Mobile Aspirator

  • Cattani Aspi-Jet 9 Mobile Aspirator

  • Cattani FluxJet Dryline Suction Pump

  • Cattani Micro Smart Suction Pump

  • Cattani Tecno-Jet Dryline Suction Pump

  • Cattani Turbo Smart 2V Suction Pump

  • Cattani Turbo Smart Suction Pump

  • Cattani Turbo-Jet I Compact Suction Pump

  • Cattani Turbo-Jet I Suction Pump

  • Cattani UniJet 75 Dryline Suction Pump

  • Durr CA 4 Amalgam Separation Unit

  • Dürr Dental exhaust air bacteria filter

  • Dürr Dental exhaust air bacteria filter with mounting bracket and accessories

  • Durr Floor/Wall Stand and Expansion System

  • Durr VS1200 Suction Pump

  • Durr VS600 Suction Pump