Dental Handpieces

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A flagship part of our dental equipment ranges, browse our collection of UK approved dental handpieces. From bestselling brands such as Coxo, NSK & Bien-Air, we’re confident you’ll find the right handpiece for the job.

If you need any advice from our friendly team or simply have a question about any of our handpieces, please call us on 0151 541 0994.

  • Bien-Air Tornado Advanced High Speed Turbine

  • Coxo C-1B Contra Angle

  • Coxo C-1C Fibre Optic Contra Angle

  • Coxo CX235 M-3B Air Motor

  • Coxo H06 Turbine – LED, Standard Head

  • Coxo H06 Turbine – LED, Torque Head

  • Coxo H07 High Speed Turbine – Torque Head

  • Coxo H07 SP High Speed Turbine – Standard Head

  • Coxo M-3C Fibre Optic Air Motor

  • DTE HD-7L Satalec-Compatible LED Piezo Scaler Handpiece

  • NSK Pana-max2 High Speed Single Spray Standard Head non-LED Turbine

  • NSK S-Max M500 Turbines – Access/Mini Head

  • NSK S-Max M600 Non-Optic Turbine – Standard Head

  • NSK S-Max M900L Optic Turbine – Standard Head

  • NSK Ti Max X450 LED High Speed Turbine with Angled Head

  • NSK Ti Max Z Optic Turbine