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We’re proud to have helped many Global Dental clients with setting up their first squat dental practice. In fact, many of those customers go on to grow, or even replicate, their practice with Global Dental in their corner and assisting with surgery design, fit-out and equipment at every stage of their growth.

Because we offer a ‘concept to launch’ service and encourage clients to get in touch (especially when their practice plan is just an initial idea!), a question we often hear is very simple but definitely crucial: ‘how do I pick the right location for my squat dental practice?’.

That’s why we’ve compiled our advice into a quick read blog dental professionals like you can use for inspiration. Questions? Just ask a Global Dental Practice Growth Consultant. We’re here to help.

Read on to explore our squat dental practice location checklist…

Choosing Your Squat Dental Practice Location Q1: Demographics

The question: How can I match my practice plans with the ideal client demographic?

Our recommendation:

As part of your business plan you’ll already have identified your target clients, but it’s important that you ensure there are plenty of your target clients in the immediate and surrounding areas to the property.

But how to go about this? Simply study the facilities in the local area. If young families are your target audience then you’d benefit from looking at locations near to schools or new housing estates.

On the other hand, if your target client is a professional individual then you might focus your search on city centres or affluent neighbourhoods with good transport links to the central business district.

It’s worth spending time drilling down into the make-up of target clients around the potential dental practice location. Finding out the average age, average spending rate and median income will allow you to build up a clear picture of who might use your services now and in the future.

Tip: Taking a look at the population growth rate can offer valuable insight into whether demand for your services will likely increase or decline. If the proposed dental practice location is in an area where the overall population is decreasing, for example, in an ageing population with a higher-than-average mortality rate, then this might not be the optimum property for you.

Choosing Your Squat Dental Practice Location Q2: Physical Location

The question: What factors do I need to consider when picking the actual site for my new practice?

Our recommendation:

When imagining the ideal dental practice location, it might be the physical property that springs to mind first. However, it’s no use having a purpose-built ‘all-bells-and-whistles’ dental practice hidden down a tiny lane with poor travel links and no visibility for your target market.

Instead of thinking about the actual bricks and mortar, first work out where your target population live, shop, travel and work, and use this as your starting point.

Some locations have conditions of use which may affect the useability of the site, such as limits on working hours and noise levels. For example, a location on the ground floor of a residential high-rise in the city centre may offer a fantastic opportunity in terms of footfall and visibility, however there may be specific limits on noise levels or restraints on available hours of operation.

Tip: As with many decisions around squat practice location, the place you choose for your physical site is an opportunity versus threat consideration around what will most affect profitability of the dental practice. Think about the ‘where’ of your target client’s daily routine then consider the challenges of a specific location to balance these two factors for your needs.

Choosing Your Squat Dental Practice Location Q3: Accessibility

The question: How can I ensure clients’ accessibility needs are met when choosing a location?

Our recommendation:

Ensuring that the proposed dental practice location is accessible for both your target clients and your staff is key.

For your target clients, this might mean having multiple surgeries on the ground floor and step-free access while staff and clients alike will value a dental practice location that has ample off-road parking and good public transport links.

This provides safety for clients and staff when arriving at the practice, as well as easy access for those who don’t have a car or want to use greener methods of travel.

Tip: Similar to using the ‘where’ of your target client’s everyday life to help choose a location, considering ‘how’ those potential clients move around the area is an essential consideration.

Choosing Your Squat Dental Practice Location Q4: Growth

The question: How can I make sure my practice is ‘future-proof’?

Our recommendation:

When you’re trying to find a new dental practice location as fast as possible, you may not be thinking about what your practice should look like in 10 years’ time.

However, it’s essential to consider whether the location you’re looking at allows for future expansion of the practice. This might include looking at locations where you only refurbish one floor initially, or a location where there is space and scope to extend.

Tip: Your business plan might include diversifying your offering, and for this you’ll need to plan the physical space required to do so. Other services such as facial aesthetics or specialist dental work may require a totally different space and equipment to be profitable so it’s worth allowing extra square metreage and funds for this.

Choosing Your Squat Dental Practice Location Q5: Competition

The question: What are the pros and cons of a location in an area with a lot of competitors?

Our recommendation:

Analysing the current dental provision in the immediate area of a proposed dental practice location can give you a clear picture on how successful your practice is likely to be.

Whilst choosing a location where there are lots of dental practices already will guarantee high footfall of potential clients, it’s worth bearing in mind that the existing practices will have loyal customers and a good presence in the local community, likely making them the first choice for a target client.

On the other hand, if the demand outweighs current supply or the current offering is poor then a new dental practice will be well-received.

The services you intend to offer versus the service offered by existing nearby dental practices is also a useful study when considering your competition. If the only practices nearby offer mostly NHS dentistry or general private dentistry, then a new private practice with a focus on cosmetic dentistry is likely to be welcomed, provided the target clients are there.

Tip: If you’re a risk-taker, you may favour an area where there are other nearby dental practices offering the same services and wish to then focus on the customer experience, physical environment and marketing communications for your new practice to ensure you become your target clients’ first choice.

Choosing Your Squat Dental Practice Location: Where to Find Help

Global Dental’s work is powerfully simple: helping ambitious dentists deliver their practice plans, especially making their dream practice become a reality, by simply ‘making it happen’ so the dentist client can concentrate on running their practice.

This specialist service includes initial consultations, complete refurbishment project management and ongoing support including consumables and equipment supply/ maintenance.

We’re happy to help dentists at any stage of their new practice planning and can offer expert insights and help with finding and assessing an ideal location.

Questions? Simply contact us to find out more.

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