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Happy Centenary Belmont! Why This Dental Giant Continues to Set the Pace


Our dental fit-outs and refurbishments often include one vital element and it’s a recommendation our clients consistently praise in their feedback: a state-of-the-art chair package.

That’s why we’re proud to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Belmont, a trusted chair brand we have offered for some time, with this blog looking at their work. We’ll also include some inspiring examples of Global Dental projects where a Belmont chair package has been the perfect finishing touch.

How did Belmont become an industry-leading brand? And why are we glad to have a long-running partnership with this dental sector giant? Read on to discover the essentials of this trusted brand…

The Belmont Story

Belmont’s generations of expertise began with the company building its knowledge in the manufacturing of quality cast metal in 1921 and then in the production of high-end barber chairs from 1932.

The DNA of the Belmont name so many of us know today can perhaps be first seen clearly in their launch of the world’s first motorised barber’s chair seven years later in 1939.

Work on hydraulics also helped prepare Belmont for their 1975 development of a dental landmark: the 250 Dental Treatment Centre and its revolutionary all air-powered unit.

While diversification into markets including the medical sector continued alongside dental developments, 1991 was of note for those in dentistry as it marked their unveiling of the Clesta I. It quickly became a trusted NHS favourite.

The early 00s brought us the well-received Voyager II-L, complete with its ambidextrous capacity and extraordinary value, along with the Clesta II. Newer, more efficient x-ray and LED lighting options followed leading to Belmont’s range becoming even more of a go-to for practice owners.

There’s no doubt that Belmont’s 100 years spent combining design, technology and extremely reliable manufacturing excellence can be seen in the Belmont products supplied and fitted by Global Dental in 2021.

Purchasing and Maintaining a Belmont Product

More information about the superb current range of Belmont chairs – the  Voyager III, tbCompass, Cleo II and Eurus S1 – can be found on the Global Dental website along with details of special promotions.

We also stock a range of Belmont accessories and will, of course, be happy to help select the right items for each practice requirement. Simply ask our specialist team.

Belmont treatment centres are provided with a five year parts warranty (providing the specified maintenance is followed) and a one year labour warranty, however we give personalised care advice to every treatment centre client such as information about maintenance options and can provide ongoing servicing and rapid engineer support.

With cleaning of surgery equipment now a high-profile issue for obvious reasons, Belmont have introduced their own range of cleaning products purpose-designed not to harm a Belmont chair. Some great surgery cleaning advice can be found here while a complete range of cleaning products are also available from the Global Dental online shop.

Purchasing and Maintaining a Belmont Product

We can confidently recommend Belmont chairs because the results of a Belmont installation simply speak for themselves.

For example, this Belmont Compass electric package fitted at Holmes Chapel Dental Practice, Crewe, features high-end upholstery in a new Azalea colour option and is a perfect example of the premium patient experience a Belmont chair can deliver.

For those unfamiliar with how equipment supply and maintenance fits within our work, we’ve been trusted by ambitious UK dental companies for advice, design, equipment, and maintenance for over 20 years.

We consider ourselves an ongoing ‘partner for success’ as Global Dental clients can rely on our team for ongoing equipment and consumables, rapid-response repairs, and routine maintenance.

Questions? Simply contact us to find out more or discuss your plans. We’re here to help.

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