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Social media platforms have many benefits for both dentists and their practices. It is now the new and effective way to engage with current and potential patients.

Creating social media content for your dental practice can be easy with the right help! After reading this article, you will be creating branded, informative and engaging content that will captivate your audience in no time.

Here are 8 simple tips from our trusted Marketing Executive here at Global Dental!

1. Boost your brand awareness with BRANDED CONTENT

Did you know that by using social media for your practice you can be boosting your brand awareness and recognition online? When posting online, that very post has the potential to reach millions of users. Don’t forget to brand all your images, say goodbye to stock images and make sure all your content is your own. Keep it streamline with the same logo style, font and even colour scheme. This helps people to recognise your dental practice.

2. Share, share, SHARE!

Start creating informative content on a consistent basis. This will allow you to establish your dental practice as an expert in your field. Share your content on platforms that suit your industry and explore the likes of Facebook, Linkedin and even Instagram. The aim is that the increasing number of potential patients who view your content will eventually become a patient of your practice.

3. The importance of HASHTAGS

We know hashtags can be pretty confusing, so simply think of them as keywords tailored to your services and industry. When using hashtags on a social media post, you are linking that piece of content to the hashtag. Make sure if it relevant and specific! Also, don’t go crazy and try use as many as possible. Keep your hashtags between 3-5 per piece of content.

4. Send them to a DESTINATION

It’s time to start linking to different destinations using your social media. Send people to your website, to the contact page and even to a special landing page. This is creating various pathways for potential patients. Linktree is a great tool to add multiple links to a single social media account.

5. TIMING is imperative

Your patients will use each platform differently and therefore, various social media applications will have different posting times. Hubspot offer a great guide on the best times to post.

6. Utilise your STAFF

Personal content is key in the world of social media and a great way to put potential anxious patients at ease, is to show them that you are real people too. Showing what goes on in the practice, birthday celebrations and fun events shows the personal side of your practice.

7. Don’t neglect the comments

The more you reply to comments and stay active within a particular post, the more the social media algorithms favours that piece of content. Always try respond to your audience in the comments section, as this shows you are there and listening.

8. PLANNING is key

Stay organised and try to plan your content ahead of time. Use useful platforms such as Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your content. This allows you to stay consistent with your posting. These tools also provide you with useful free analytic tool which can be helpful in your mission to social media success.

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