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Bespoke Dental Clinic Design, Project Management & Fit-Out

We deliver a unique combination of luxury design know-how and workflow planning expertise

Design Excellence

We draw our inspiration from the places, like prestige hotels, where your patients feel most relaxed to create reassuring, beautiful spaces.

Workflow Planning

Every project includes an assessment of the flow of patients and colleagues, as well as the technology and equipment to be used, to create a smarter practice.

New Practices
Design-in excellence
from the start
The best time to make sure a new dental practice fitout will look AND perform beautifully? As early as possible during the design stage.

That’s because decisions made during the early days of surgery and practice design will have a big impact on how the new dental clinic works from day to day. Small things like placement of installed equipment will make a difference!

Our recommendation? Working with a specialist dental practice fitout partner means real life experience of the intricacies of dental design and construction in the UK.


Discover our practice
refresh service
Finding a company with a specialism in managing dental practice refurbishments can be a daunting task! But it doesn’t have to be.

As well as looking for an experienced track record and a complete service including consulting, design, fitout and even equipment supply services, there’s one way to help choose the perfect partner for your dream dental practice: ask about downtime management.

Global Dental keeps a constant focus on working to reduce downtime, including work onsite out-of-hours, so you can concentrate on running your dental clinic with as little disruption as possible.


Smarter design
for practice growth
Experiencing an increase in demand? With rising property prices in the UK and perhaps even a shortage of viable sites in your area, taking steps to make sure the available space in your existing dental practice is working hard for you can be a logical choice.

We specialise in ‘concept to launch day’ dental clinic expansion services, from new extensions to re-purposing an existing room or even an improved layout of your dental practice’s entire space.

A smarter, expert approach to using the square footage available can mean a more visually impactful and relaxing dental practice for patients and a more efficient, healthier dental clinic for colleagues.

Consultation & Design

Our specialist advice is here to support your practice launch or refurbishment from the initial idea stage right through to launch. We do this by creating visuals to bring your vision to life, then showing you how premium fabrics, colour, light and more can be used to superb effect.

As a dental design, fit-out and equipment specialist we’re uniquely positioned to explain how every element of your project can work in harmony to create an outstanding, innovative practice.

Our case studies reveal the pacesetting dental environments delivered, from concept to completion and beyond, by the renowned Global Dental team.

Click on a case study image below to view the full details.

The Dental Sanctuary

Mola Dental

Riyo Dental

Hewett’s Dental

Cedar House Orthodontics

3 Step Smiles

Essential Dental Equipment -Dental Chair Refurbishment

Brandlesholme Dental Practice

Northwich, Cheshire

Cedar House Orthodontics

Middleton Bank Dental

Ewood House


Harley Dentist

Nantwich, Cheshire

Riverside Dental Practice

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