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Support from Dental Equipment Emergencies to Servicing and Training

If your equipment breaks down and you can’t work, we’ll be there within nine working hours to get you back up and running.

Time is of the essence for dental engineering in the UK. We understand that if your equipment should break down, delays cannot be tolerated. If you are unable to work, your patients can’t get the dentistry service they both expect and deserve. When the problem is not fixed quickly, your surgery loses money, custom, and above all – trust.

Global Dental is your guardian against a loss of trust. Our dental equipment maintenance and repair work is both rapid and meticulous, and our servicing is always stringently in line with all the relevant requirements.

Thanks to the provision we offer, you can have total peace of mind and stay focused on delivering the exceptional treatment and care that your patients expect.


Average Response Time

Working hours from time of booking to an engineer attending.


First-time Fix Rate

Percentage of issues resolved during the first callout.

Our dental equipment engineers are part of your team.

We offer you total peace of mind. Our service contracts guarantee that your equipment is legally compliant and regularly inspected to ensure it performs in peak condition.

The best dental practices remain at the top because their staff never stop learning and developing.

Despite this, quality dental practice training is hard to find in the UK. That’s why we’re currently developing courses that will provide continuing professional development opportunities

Compliance Services Purpose-Made to Remove the Stress from CQC

We’re working on a range of services to help remove the stress from meeting compliance standards. Let our team ensure you meet the necessary standards and run the required checks on your behalf. After all, why leave this time-consuming but essential area of work to chance. Instead, we’ll use two decades of experience to help with a smoother, less time-consulting compliance process.

Your Engineering Questions Answered

Q: Can you carry out dental chair repairs?

Yes we can. We have a dedicated team of breakdown engineers based throughout the North West who are trained in repairing a number of different brands of chairs, including Belmont, Ancar, Heka, and some repairs to A-dec and KaVo chairs. We can also carry out dental chair servicing and maintenance and chair reupholstery.

Q: What is a Pressure Vessel Inspection and can you carry these out for us?

Pressure Vessel Inspection, or PVI, is a test carried out to check the integrity of a pressure vessel. Within a dental practice, both compressors and autoclaves are classed as pressure vessels and therefore are subject to a PVI. This must be carried out in line with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, and our recommendation is that this should be done annually. We have fully qualified and competent dental engineers who can carry the Pressure Vessel Inspections out for you.

Q: Is there anything that your engineers can't look at?

Whilst our dental engineers have extensive knowledge and experience, there are some brands and models of equipment that we can’t support. If you would like to check if your equipment can be covered and maintained by our engineers, then please email [email protected] or phone us on 0161 877 4239.

Q: What is the difference between a suction pump and a compressor?

Suction pumps and compressors are often confused and we get a lot of breakdown callouts to one and the problem turns out the be the other. Both suction pumps and compressors can either be central units, or run just a single surgery. The most common set-ups we see in UK dental practices is a central compressor that runs all surgeries in the practice, and one suction pump unit per surgery room. The suction pump provides the suction required to run your saliva ejector and large bore suction hoses. The compressor powers your handpieces.

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