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Introducing: Our In-House Design Service

We’re proud to bring the design excellence of Global Dental’s in-house design service to our clients’ ambitious projects. Our team drawns on architectural sector expertise across residential, commercial, education and healthcare creations to deliver superb dental environments. Our passion? Challenging what a dental environment can be starting with the functional needs of a practice then enhancing this experience for every user of a building through design innovation.

To put it another way: a space designed to perform with clinical precision can still be visually inspirational. Our belief in design sustainability – from looking at materials, sources, processes, lifecycle and more – means an intelligent approach to sustainable thinking is designed into the very DNA of every Global Dental project.

Your Dental Design Questions Answered

Q: How can I make my dental clinic attractive?

Making your dental practice attractive to potential clients is important to increase footfall and, as a result, revenue. What constitutes an ‘attractive dental practice’ will be different for every potential client so it’s important for you to assess your target market and ensure your practice design reflects your findings.

We recommend:

  • Designing the interior and exterior of your dental practice to reflect the level of service you offer your clients.
  • Using the right blend of light, colour, scale and textures with the personality of the practice and its users in mind.
  • Ensuring you have provision for nervous patients through sympathetic surgery design will make your dental clinic more attractive to your clients.
  • If you’re a high-end dental practice, dental design based around giving your clients a feeling of luxury will always help increase the attractiveness, and therefore footfall, of a dental practice.

Something to watch out for: it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your clients will only notice what the practice looks like and how comfortable your waiting area is.

In actual fact, they’ll also notice if the surgery feels cramped or the appointment takes longer than it should because of poor workflows. Better design can ensure that not only does the practice look great but works well too so your clients have a seamless experience at the dentist.

Most of all, take a big picture view of your dental design to see how it fits in with the entirety of how your patients experience your dental practice to make sure this entire ‘package’ works together to enhance patient comfort, repeat visits and quality of visit.

Q: What factors should be considered when making changes to the dental practice?

Starting simply with walking through the things a practice needs to work – asking questions like ‘where should the reception be placed’ and ‘is the waiting area in the most relaxing place possible’ – helps use its visual elements to create the right sensory experience.

It’s also key to have ergonomically designed dental surgeries so that dentists can do their best work in the space, regardless of whether it’s a small or large room.

It’s important to spend time getting the dental design of the practice just right for the way you work before starting any construction onsite.

This may seem like a waste of time however we have seen on countless occasions that spending more time and money in planning and design stages invariably saves time and money once works on a dental clinic have begun!

Q: How can I make my dental practice stand out?

There are plenty of ways you can make your dental practice stand out from the crowd, such as:

  • Eye-catching interiors and exteriors
  • A seamless and organised experience made possible by ergonomic design
  • Spaces designed entirely for patient comfort and refreshment
  • Designing the practice around nervous patients

A lot of UK dental practices seek to stand out by removing the cold and clinical feel often associated with dentists. That’s because moving towards a luxury aesthetic helps to attract new clients but some extra know-how is needed to make sure they keep coming back to your dental clinic.

By taking time to look at ergonomic design and a clear patient journey you’ll make sure that your clients will remember your clinic long after they’ve been enticed through the front door.

Q: How can I make my dental office more efficient?

Examining the movement in a practice (like how people and colleagues flow in the building) plus the equipment (looking at how newer equipment can bring quicker or easier work with benefits like better ergonomic performance for colleague health) will contribute to a more efficient practice.

If you have a good understanding about how your own staff work and move about the practice, you can use this knowledge to influence the practice design, ultimately feeding into a better patient experience.

Q: What is one design element every dental suite or practice should have?

A calm and supportive space, created using purpose-created dental design, should be considered an essential. Ask yourself where your dental practice sits within the balance between being visually professional and visually comforting for patients. Inspiration can be taken from luxury spaces like health spas and high-end hotels.

Don’t forget that the design of staff areas by making sure they also have a calm and supportive environment is important. Why? Because the best work happens when your dental clinic team members are happy and well-looked after!

To discover how our industry-leading dental design know-how can make your dream practice a reality simply contact us for an initial consultation with Managing Director Ryan Devenish.

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