Design & Fit Out


We can advise on the most ergonomic and efficient layouts of the practice, maximising the effectiveness of the air, water, and suction systems.

Design & Visualization

Once your consultant has evaluated your needs and requirements they will draw up a design and plan for your practice.

Project Management

We understand that sometimes your practice has to keep working, sometimes you are on extremely tight deadlines to complete a project, all this will be managed by the project manager.


At Global our founding principle is one of continuous care for the customer. Once the program is complete we will continue to support and ensure that the practice works as it should.


Within the modern UK dentistry industry time is at a premium, maximum patient throughput is essential whilst constantly maintaining their comfort and satisfaction.

This is why the first step in our practice design and fit out process is to consult those that will be using the practice. We have to ascertain:

a. Their uses and required performance standards for each individual surgery.

b. The preferred equipment types and methods of delivery.

c. The requirements for X-Ray facilities

d. The suction and compressed air requirements

e. The need of a decontamination room compliant with HTM 01-05

f. The décor and design, especially of the reception areas.

The more interactive we can be at the early stages of any alterations you require, the more effectively we can advise you on best practices and how to achieve best value for money.

And of course this is your practice, your surgery; we put a lot of emphasis on understanding and creating the look and feel that you want to achieve your vision for your practice.

Please don’t forget that this stage is done completely free of charge.

Design & Visualisation

Once your consultation has been completed, the consultant will have all the information they need to create some potential designs. All the information on various points collected at the consultation stage will be analysed and incorporated into the design.

Once the design is complete, CAD drawings can be produced. Imagery can be produced to enhance the imagination of how the practice will look and feel. Once these are created there will be further consultations to discuss and refine the plans prior to starting to plan and cost the works.

Once the plan has been tweaked and refined, then the final drawings and specifications can be produced. At this stage the estimated costings can be produced and if there is further value engineering that is required this can be incorporated here.

Finally the plans are approved and finalised, the costings are all in place, and we are ready to start the build. We are on the verge of creating the vision you have for your practice.

design fitout consultation
design fitout consultation

Project Management

There will be a dedicated project manager assigned to your project, they may well have been involved in the process right from the beginning. This role is so key, and one that Global Dental really focusses on. We understand that sometimes your practice has to keep working, sometimes you are on extremely tight deadlines to complete a project, all this will be managed by the project manager.

These areas are where we focus to ensure that we deliver on time and on budget.

Working around active surgery and the operating times.
Ensuring completion within tight deadlines.
Ensuring absolute completion of proposed works within estimated budget.
Checking for compliance, ensuring standards are met.
Making you the practice owner aware of what is going on.

This project manager will be tying together all the trades that are required to complete the huge variety of projects that we do. Some of the trades you will witness on our projects include grounds workers, builders, joiners, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, decorators, dental equipment engineers and furniture fitters.

On completion the project will be cleaned and handed over for you to enjoy and continue to fulfil your vision for your business.

Try us today to experience our reliability, service and value that we offer.


At Global Dental the after care on any project or equipment install is so important that we have dedicated a whole section of the website to it. Click here to see our after care information.

Snagging: When a project is completed we understand that there potentially could be some snagging issues arising. Fear not, you can trust the team at Global Dental, we are absolutely committed to ensuring that any issues are resolved swiftly and professionally so that your practice can run at its maximum efficiency.

Training: Understandably there is likely to be new equipment on the project. It is paramount that all equipment should be properly used and maintained in order to ensure its performance. Here at Global Dental we are always available to carry out specific user training on any of the equipment we install. Often this will be included in the estimation as specific user training classes.

Go to our Aftercare page to find out more about our amazing services.

design fitout consultation

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