Large Dental Equipment

Treatment Centres

After almost 20 years of researching and working with various treatment centres we have partnered with leading brands of treatment centre. Covering every requirement and taste, there is something here that will appeal to every dentist. We supply Ancar, Heka Dental and Belmont treatment centres.

heka unicline s


To cater for the flexible options that may be required, Global Dental supplies class-leading Belmont, Ancar and Heka Dental Chairs.

dentist chairs

Delivery Systems

When a flexible option is required there are a number of options for the delivery method. Global Dental has a range of each option so that we can cater for any individual requirement.

Delivery Systems

Vacuum Suction Systems

Suction is a critical part of any dental surgery, we at Global Dental only work with the best manufacturers to ensure that we are only installing the best equipment for you. Whether you require a single pump per surgery, or you require a multiple surgery pump with back up; we ensure that you have the most efficient and cost suited set up for your requirements, from pipe layouts to suction pump locating here at Global Dental we will do it all for you. We work with Cattani and Durr Dental Suction Pumps. We will be very glad to get in touch and discuss your requirements, and ensure that you are running the most suitable system for your practice needs.

Vacuum Suction Systems

Operating Lights

Whether you require a traditional halogen light to fit your current unit or you wish to upgrade to a LED high quality and performance light, Global has a huge range of options to suit your requirements.

operating lights


At the heart of every dental surgery is a compressor, this shows how critical it is that the right compressor is installed. Global does a large range of compressors ranging from the lower cost Bambi Compressors to the more expensive Durr models. It is important when choosing a compressor to consider the cost of the service kits including the drying elements if required and the maintenance program recommended by the manufacturer.


X-Ray Machines

We can offer both intraoral and panoral machines, and work with all the leading brands. The team here at Global understands just how important the x-ray images are in order to make informed and accurate diagnoses. To this end we only work with equipment that we are confident is absolutely suitable for your needs.

X-Ray Machines

Digital Imaging

The improvements in digital imaging have hugely improved the efficiencies that improve your practices profitability. The team here at Global will be very happy to make an appointment to come to your practice and ascertain your requirements and advise you the best solution for your needs. We can supply the first personal imaging plate scanner on the market – the Acteon PSPIX.

digital imaging

Decontamination Equipment

Global are fully up to date and trained to advise on the suitable requirements for your practice, we work with some of the leading brands in the country in order to ensure we can help you ensure you comply with the latest HTM 01-05.

decontamination equipment

Stools & Practice Items

From the GDS range to the traditional Belmont types we can supply every type of stool you should require. Here at Global Dental you can also find anything else you might require in your surgery, from decorations to interior plants Global Dental really is the complete solution for your dental practice.

Stools & Practice Items

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