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With dental equipment being the linchpin of your practice, it’s crucial that you and your team understand how to keep it in top condition.

Who better to ask for advice than our dental engineers: after all, they’re expertly trained and have years of experience in diagnosing and fixing dental equipment issues!

We spoke to a couple of our engineers to get their take on the key actions any dental practice should be taking to keep their equipment working at peak performance and for years to come. See below for a few of their insights.

“Annual servicing of your equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines is essential. Most manufacturers have a recommended service kit which replaces all key parts and will ensure that your equipment isn’t compromised by wear and tear.”

“Keep up-to-date on cleaning procedures for your dental equipment, especially suction pumps. We often see broken suction pumps where the direct cause is lack of cleaning, or cleaning using the incorrect products.”

“If you’re unsure how to clean your equipment and what products to use, you can find out the information easily – either check the operator’s manual, look on the manufacturer’s website, or give our office a call on 0161 877 4239 and one of the team will be able to advise.”

“The cost of a full annual service might seem daunting, but if you compare that to the potential cost of a day’s loss of earnings plus repair parts and a visit, you’ll see that it’s a good investment!”

“I’ve attended practices where the only solution for a suction issue is to take up the surgery flooring and change the pipework… which costs thousands! It’s worth spending time and effort making sure you’re looking after your equipment properly to avoid unexpected bills.”

“If you notice something starting to come loose, or perish, on the equipment, don’t wait until it breaks properly to call us out – the earlier we can look at a fault the more likely we are to resolve it before it stops you from working or breaks entirely.”

“When any new staff join your practice, make sure they are fully trained on how to use and clean your equipment. We’re always happy to carry out staff refresher training onsite, call our office to book in for your engineer training visit!”

“It’s surprising how many callouts we get where the fix is as simple as cleaning out a filter or turning the equipment on at the plug! Make sure to check all the obvious things before booking an engineer callout. Our office team can always talk you through some common troubleshooting if you need help.”

“From my years of experience, if your surgeries aren’t working, your first port of call is the compressor. Imagine it as the ‘heart’ of the practice, if it’s not beating, everything will be dead!”

“I’ve visited practices where they have one 3-surgery compressor that’s running 5 surgeries – it’s no wonder that the handpieces keep cutting out and pressure is weak! I’d recommend that you always overspec on your compressor, and that’s something to especially bear in mind if you’re adding more surgeries – will my existing compressor still be sufficient?”

“Don’t be tempted to try and fix an issue yourself – most manufacturers will invalidate warranties if work is not carried out by a qualified engineer, not to mention the risk of damage to the equipment. Having said that, there are some simple things that greatly help towards maintaining your equipment which should be done by you and your staff, such as cleaning and checking filters and basic everyday maintenance.”

“Make sure you keep good cleaning records for your equipment – if an issue arises this will help separate warranty claims from user error. If a fault is because of user error, we’re happy to help you understand the correct products and procedures so it doesn’t happen again.”

For further information and insights, check out other posts on our blog or get in touch with our engineering support team by email or phone [link: 0161 877 4239].

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