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Your reception area is an important part of your dental practice, after all – it’s the first thing people see when they walk through the door. A dental practice reception that looks open, welcoming and clean can help patients feel at ease, while cementing your reputation as a professional and welcoming dental practice. When it comes to design themes for reception areas, it’s time to move away from dated, faded décor and instead focus on creating something more modern.

The benefits of an improved reception area

With an improved reception area, your practice will not only impress your current patients, but attract new ones too – helping to grow your practice and improve your reputation. When patients feel relaxed and at ease, they’ll enjoy a better experience and that’s important when considering a visit to the dentist isn’t at the top of people’s favourite things to do.

Give your dental practice the lift it needs by taking a look at the latest dental interior and design themes for reception areas.

Design themes for reception areas:


‘A glamorous design style utilising the finest of fabrics and furniture to create a sumptuous, high-end hotel feel’

With more and more people visiting the dentist for cosmetic purposes, the nature of modern dentistry is changing. With that in mind, a more luxurious, high-end look for your reception area will reflect the types of treatment on offer. Think contemporary NYC chic and you’ll have a clearer idea of what the design represents. If you’re looking to enjoy some of the benefits of redesigning your reception area, then this design theme is one to consider.


‘A careful gathering of interesting elements that all work together to create a cohesive, yet funky, look through colour, texture and shape.’

A modern practice deserves a modern design and bringing together different elements can create a stylish look that will look far away from the dentist reception areas of the 80s.


‘An ‘of the moment’ design style characterised by clean lines, neutral colours and minimalistic furniture pieces.’

Clean lines and light colours may sound simple, but the minimal look can help make spaces feel more open, which is appealing to many people. Embracing design trends for reception areas that reflect interior trends for other businesses such as restaurants and hotels, this design will impress in a subtle way.

A well-thought out reception room can make a big difference to your practice. Consider moving away from the old and in with the new and bring in some modern design to help your practice shine. Need help transforming your reception area? Get in touch to find out more about our services.

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